Procession Assembly Details

Assembly Details

Please arrive via the Southern relief Road, Limebrook Way and Mundon Road.

The Procession will assemble at Cross Road, please check in on your arrival at the check-in point adjacent to the Co-op.

The Procession route will be from Cross Road into Fambridge Road the High Street and Mill Road where the Procession finishes.

All collecting buckets and tins will be collected at the finish area.


Line-up from        11.30 am
Judging from                1pm
Move off                 2.15 pm

Each class will be judge, the winner of each class will be awarded a prize.  The overall winner (best in procession) will also win £50 cash. Anyone can win best in procession and it is not limited to floats.  The only exception is commercial companies(as they are advertising freely).

Procession Conditions of Entry & Safety Information

As part of our responsibility in organising the Procession we are keen to keep all participants and spectators as safe as possible.  Listed below is some safety information to help keep you, your group and the spectator’s safe during the Carnival event.

General Information

  • The consumption of alcohol during the Carnival Procession is strictly prohibited.
  • Please nominate a member of your group to be responsible for all aspects of safety and to act as a point of contact between your group and the Carnival Committee before and during the event.
  • Children under 14 years of age must have an adequate number of adult supervisors who will be responsible for them.  Keep any group of children together and well away from moving vehicles at all times.
  • Although arrangements are available for First Aid, it is advisable to carry a small first aid kit.  We also recommend that you carry drinking water to stop the effects of dehydration.
  • We discourage spectators from throwing coins at floats as this can cause serious injury.  We also ask that participants in the procession do not throw sweets, spray water or any other substance, as this can encourage children within the crowd to walk towards moving vehicles which has the potential to cause serious accidents.
  • Please ensure that all electrical items in use are fitted safely, are waterproof and suitable for outside use.  An appropriate fire extinguisher must also be carried.
  • Nobody should ride on a float with their limbs hanging over the edge at any time.
  • The number of persons on a float should be restricted to a reasonable level.  Nobody may go between towing vehicles when in motion.  Only mount and dismount the float when the vehicle has stopped moving.
  • Please be aware when assembling and disembarking from your float of any traffic hazards.
  • All walking groups including majorettes, nurseries, sports groups, etc. should have adequate adult supervision but we would ask that groups of parents with or without pushchairs (unless decorated/dressed for the Carnival) be restricted to a reasonable number.
  • All participants must act in accordance with instructions from the Police and Marshals along the procession route.
  • The safety of your float/group is your responsibility.  Please eliminate the risk so that we have a safe and secure Carnival.
  • All float/group entries must have completed an Entry Form which has been signed by a responsible person who agrees to abide by the safety information.  It is also a condition of entry.
  • All floats must have a safety barrier around the whole float so no person can slip or fall over the edge.
  • All collections of money is to be strictly in official collection devices; collecting tins and buckets will be provided; it is ILLEGAL to collect  for any organisation other than Maldon Carnival Association. No nets, umbrellas, hats etc. to be used at any time, with out express permission from the Procession coordinator.
  • In case of emergency pull over to the left hand side of the road.

We are sorry for the amount of safety information listed above but they have been put in place for the protection and safety of both participates and spectators.  One thing we do expect you all to do is Have Fun, Enjoy Yourselves and Be Safe!

The Maldon Carnival Association reserves the right to cancel or postpone the procession and accepts no responsibility for any loss/damage incurred.