Spot the Stranger 2013 Presentation

Over 200 people entered this year’s Spot the Stranger competition with only one finding all 113 strangers. The idea of the annual competition is to find strange objects in the shop windows that the shop does not normally sell.  This Year the objects ranged from tea bags to a model of Tower Bridge.

This year’s winner was Beau Topore aged just 4 who found all 113 strangers, in 2nd place was Alfie Williams aged 9 who found 112 strangers and in 3rd place was Aifie and Billy Charlton aged 10 and 7 with 110 strangers.

L-R Alfie Williams, Queen Mia,  Beau Topore, Mary Powell,  Billy Charlton

Maldon Standard –  11/9/13
Maldon Standard – 11/9/13